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Boat Bottom Painting & Marine Painting Charleston, SC

After around 2 years, it is probably time to bring your boat back in to the boatyard to look underneath the hull. Charleston is notorious for heavy barnacle growth, and your diver will be working hard to keep the bottom clean. Your diver will also give you an indication that the antifouling paint is almost gone.

When it is time to bring your boat in, let us know in advance to reserve a spot at the boatyard. We work with Cooper River Boatyard, Safe Harbor City Boatyard, and other Charleston Boatyards. We will ensure that your boat is painted quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the water!

Boat bottom paint, Antifouling Paint Application, Barrier Coat Application

What is your anti-fouling paint of choice? At Swift Marine, we are big fans of Interlux bottom paints. Very affective, great longevity, and affordable. You may find other paints at West Marine that cost nearly double, at $300/gallon or more, but we’ve found that Interlux makes a stellar anti-fouling paint for half the price.
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boat bottom painting Charleston SC

Why Should You Get Your Boat Bottom Painted?

If you own a boat and it sits in the water for any longer than a a few days in Charleston, SC, then you should consider getting it bottom painted.

Marine growth, such as algae and barnacles, can accumulate on the bottom of a boat, leading to reduced speed, decreased fuel efficiency, and even damage to the hull. Bottom painting is a process in which a barrier coat and antifouling paint is applied to the bottom of a boat to prevent marine growth from accumulating. In Charleston, SC, bottom painting is especially important because of the notoriously bad marine growth.

There are plenty of different bottom paints out there. We use only top quality paints like Petit, Sea Hawk, and Interlux Antifouling Paint.

Improve speed and fuel efficiency

When marine growth accumulates on the bottom of a boat, it creates A LOT of drag, which reduces the boat’s speed and increases fuel consumption.

Bottom painting helps to create a smooth surface on the bottom of the boat, reducing drag and improving speed and fuel efficiency.

Prevent Damage to the Hull

Marine growth can also cause damage to the hull of a boat. Barnacles, for example, can attach themselves to the hull and create pits, scratches, discoloring, and water intrusion. Over time, this can weaken the hull and lead to leaks or blisters.

Bottom painting helps to prevent marine growth from attaching to the hull and reduces the risk of damage, prolonging the life of your boat.

Retain the Value of Your Boat

If you plan to sell your boat in the future, then bottom painting is a good investment. A well-maintained boat will retain its value better than a boat that has sat in the water with no bottom paint for long periods of time. 

A boat with a clean bottom is more attractive to potential buyers, which can make it easier to sell. Also, you know what else makes a boat easier to sell? A good boat detail!