Boat Bottom Painting & Marine Painting Charleston, SC

After around 2 years, it is probably time to bring your boat back in to the boatyard to look underneath the hull. Charleston is notorious for heavy barnacle growth, and your diver will be working hard to keep the bottom clean. Your diver will also give you an indication that the antifouling paint is almost gone.
When it is time to bring your boat in, let us know in advance to reserve a spot at the boatyard. We work with Cooper River Boatyard, Safe Harbor City Boatyard, and other Charleston Boatyards. We will ensure that your boat is painted quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the water!

Boat bottom paint, Antifouling Paint Application, Barrier Coat Application

What is your anti-fouling paint of choice? At Swift Marine, we are big fans of Interlux bottom paints. Very affective, great longevity, and affordable. You may find other paints at West Marine that cost nearly double, at $300/gallon or more, but we’ve found that Interlux makes a stellar anti-fouling paint for half the price.