Boat Detailing Charleston, SC

Everyone wants the best looking boat at the dock. We can make your boat look like it just came out of the factory.  However, it's not just about aesthetics. Boat detailing is a matter of retaining the value of your boat. Our employees have been boat detailing in Charleston, SC for over 5 years, so leave it to the pros.

In Charleston, the UV rays are strong during the summer. You have to ensure that a high quality wax has been applied to the gelcoat once every 3 months for the best protection. If you fail to do this, oxidation will occur and your gelcoat will fade and change colors. Oddly enough, boat manufacturers have not strayed from gelcoat for over 50 years, and it doesn't look like they will switch anytime soon!

Our Glaze, Wax, Sealants, and Polish products will make your boat look like ice. We are not done until you can see your reflection all over the gelcoat. Our team is professional, on time, and we are capable to take on any size boat.

Boat Detailing Charleston

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We've dealt with every size boat imaginable from 150ft super yachts to 18ft center consoles. Gelcoat restoration and maintenance is our specialty. We have 5 full time detailers in the Charleston area. They are masters of their craft, and they can bring your boat back to life.

From the Cooper River to Charleston Harbor, and down the Ashley River, we have been to every marina in Charleston at least a dozen times. We offer mobile boat detailing, however, we do have several shops if you want to leave the boat with us for a few days. Give us a call!