Captain & Boat Delivery Services

Whether you are looking for a weekend captain to run your boat while you enjoy a cocktail, or you are interested in moving your boat to a specific destination, we can help.
All our captains are USCG Licensed 100 & 200 ton masters. We are ready to transport your boat, yacht, or super yacht across oceans. We can also help with crew placement on large voyages. Give us a call to set up your trip.
**Rates Depend on Size of Vessel, Length of Trip, and Scope of Project

CAPTAIN: Starting at $400.00 per day fuel costs

CREW : $150.00 per day.

PROVISIONS: $25.00 per day per person while on the vessel for voyages longer than two days.

TRANSPORTATION COSTS: From our headquarters to your vessel and return travel to our headquarters from the destination for captain and crew members.

CREW TRAVEL PAY: Is half of crew members the agreed daily rate.

DEPOSIT & FUEL COSTS: A deposit will be required for expected fuel cost as well as 50% of the trip. Deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation of the trip due to weather.