Charleston Yacht Management

222 W Coleman Blvd #124, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Charleston is where it all started. In 2015, Swift Marine took off as a diving company and transitioned into an all-encompassing yacht services company.

Here are the marinas and boatyards we work at primarily in Charleston - Safe Harbor Charleston City Boatyard, Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina, Cooper River Boatyard, Ross Marine, Marine Propulsion, Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina, Safe Harbor Bristol Marina, Ashley Marina, Cooper River Marina, and more!

We offer the full spectrum of Yacht Services and Boat Repair. Boat Detailing, Diving & Hull Cleaning, Bottom Painting & Marine Painting, Media Blasting & Bottom Paint Removal, Yacht Management, Charter Management, Washdowns, Buff & Wax, Captain Services, Hurricane Preparation, Engine Maintenance, System Checks, Interior Cleaning

Boat Detailing Charleston, SC

Buff & Wax, Full Details, Gelcoat Restoration, Wax Glaze, Silicone Wax, Ceramic Coating for Boats, Teak Restoration, Metal Polishing

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Full Details, Monthly Maintenance, Washdowns, Teak Maintenance

Everyone strives for a boat that shines. We can make your boat look like it just came out of the factory. Our Glaze, Wax, Sealants, and Polish products will make your boat look like ice. We are not done until you can see your reflection all over the gelcoat. Our team is professional, on time, and we are capable to take on any size boat.

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Diving & Hull Cleaning Charleston, SC

Monthly Diving, Monthly Hull Cleaning, Zinc Anode Replacement, Prop Service, Thru-hull Checks, Intake Checks

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Monthly Hull Scraping

A commonly overlooked area of your boat is always beneath the waterline. The topside stands out, but underneath the waterline is arguably the most important part of your boat! A diver can catch things wrong with your boat before something goes wrong! Bad through hulls, Intake clogs, Prop and Metal Erosion, Zinc Replacements, and more! It is wise to have a diver visit your boat once a month, and more often in the summer!

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Bottom Painting & Marine Painting Charleston, SC

Boat bottom paint, Antifouling Paint Application, Barrier Coat Application

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Antifouling Paint Application

After around 2 years, it is probably time to bring your boat back in to the boatyard to look underneath the hull. Your diver will also give you an indication that the antifouling paint is almost gone. Growth will be worse, and you will notice that the paint is becoming splotchy.

When it is time to bring your boat in, let us know in advance to reserve a spot at the boatyard. This will ensure that we get your boat done quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the water!

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Media Blasting Charleston, SC

Bottom Paint Removal, Antifouling Paint Removal,

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Sand Blasting for Paint Removal

Media blasting is a common service in the marine industry to remove excess layers of bottom paint before application of new bottom paint. It is much quicker and more efficient than using grinders and sanders and removing the paint by hand.

It is a good practice to take your boat down to bare fiberglass to check for blisters, voids, and soft areas. Give us a call to get your boat on the schedule.

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Boat Delivery & Captain Services

Charter Captain, Crew Services, Yacht Delivery

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Captain & Crew for Deliveries

We have assisted in thousands of miles of yacht transport. Our captains & crew are fully capable for a delivery across any ocean, to any destination. Give us a call to inquire.

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Engine Repair & Maintenance

Yacht Engines, Boat Engine Repair, Routine Engine Maintenance, Outboard Engine Repair

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Certified Marine Engine Mechanics

Perhaps one of the most important components of your vessel is your engine. Our certified engine mechanics are prepared for any size vessel and engine. All of our mechanics are well established and chosen for their experience in different engine classes, models, brands, and types.

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