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Keeping your boat or yacht detailed and waxed in Fort Lauderdale is extremely important. Boat detailing, buff and wax, gelcoat restoration, and routine gelcoat maintenance are essential services to uphold the value of your vessel and prevent oxidation. It is not just about having the best looking boat at the marina (although this is important).

Ask any yacht broker, they will tell you that yachts sell much easier when the gelcoat is perfect as opposed to dull and oxidized with defects. Even boats with superior engines and less hours do not sell easily when the gelcoat is in poor condition.

Complete Buff and Wax | Full Boat and Yacht Detailing Services in Fort Lauderdale

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Check out that image above.

You can see on the left how oxidized this boat was. This comes from years of neglecting to wax the yacht. Gelcoat has to be maintained and waxed at least 3 times per year or you will have significant oxidation.

The particular boat above took extreme measures to bring back the original shine. We had to wet sand and remove quite a bit of the gelcoat to expose that beautiful shiny blue gelcoat underneath. If you keep your boat or yacht on a consistent detailing schedule you will be in good shape!

Fort Lauderdale Boat Detailing

Use a company that knows what they are doing, or you will be left with swirl marks all over the boat. A good buff & wax is not as easy as it sounds, and it certainly should not be left up to amateurs.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Detailing, Full Details, Buff & Wax, Polish, Marine Wax Glaze & Sealants

Chances are, your boat or yacht was built with gelcoat in the factory, or possibly the exterior was painted with something like Awlgrip. Either way, you have to protect and clean the exterior routinely for optimum upkeep.

We like to give the example of thinking about the boat gelcoat as skin. If you do not apply sunscreen (wax), the gelcoat will oxidize and deteriorate. Trust me, it is much cheaper to apply wax and protectants in the beginning than buff out oxidation and defects later.

Detailing Painted Yacht Surfaces

Boat and Yacht detailing is arguably one of the most important maintenance practices to keep up. You don't want to deal with major oxidation and dull gelcoat after even a few months without wax or sealants.

We have been offering full boat detail services in Fort Lauderdale for over a decade, and we have dealt with every size and type of yacht imaginable. We are pros at boat detailing.