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How Often to Buff and Wax your Boat According to the Pros

How Often to Buff and Wax Your Boat According to the Pros

All Gel Coat is Not Created Equal

If gel coat is not protected with a proper Wax or a Buff and Wax at minimum every 4-6 months with wax, it will break down over the years from oxidation and the sun! Every boat has a different gel coat, and we’ve learned over the years that different products are effective on different boats. All in all, we are very fond of Maguiar’s detailing products, but other products also have a good effect if used properly.

It is wise to use a high quality wax like Maguiar’s Marine Wax for the best protection from the elements. As always, the amount of time really depends on your boat. Every make and model of boat is different, and the gel coats were applied differently in the factory! However, it is our recommendation to apply a high quality wax every 4-6 months, and wash down your boat with a wax & wash treatment once a month!

Buffing the gel coat is a literal term that means rubbing away the old gel coat or Oxidation. If your boat is oxidized and needs to be buffed, then you waited too long! If you apply high quality wax every 4-6 months and wash down your boat with a wax & wash every month then it should never need to be buffed!

Having your boat buffed and waxed can be the best thing you can do to preserve the value.

Remember that boats need a good wash & wax every month so that grime and dirt does not build up on the outer gel coat! We recommend washing your boat down with Orpine Wash & Wax once a month!

UV rays will beat up your boat’s gel coat unless you have the proper protection on the gel coat. If your boat is oxidized, applying a wax will do nothing but seal imperfection.

Think of a wax like saving your work. If your boat is oxidized, you are only sealing imperfection. You have to buff away oxidation before applying a wax!

Give us a call to have your boat buffed, waxed, washed, polished, and protected to offer maximum protection from the weather! Salt water is especially harmful to boats, especially when they are not maintained and washed monthly.

How Often to Buff and Wax your Boat

What Else Needs Protection?

ALL of the following items need to be addressed monthly in order to maintain your boat.

-Wash Downs


-Engine Maintenance and Checks

-System Check

-Hurricane Preparation

-Interior Cleaning

-Provisions/Supplies Delivery

-Teak Maintenance

-Diving and Zinc Anode Service

-Media Blasting and Bottom Painting

Other aspects of your boat should also be protected like your hull! In a climate like Charleston, South Carolina all the way down to Miami, Florida, you should have a diver clean the bottom of your boat at minimum once a month. During the summer it’s recommended to clean the hull every 2 weeks!

Stainless steel is also vital to the look and appeal of your vessel. It looks phenomenal when shined up with a compound! You should also protect any metals on your boat with an over the counter protectant. Wax will work, but there are better products more specific to boat detailing you can find at West Marine.

Buff and Wax your Boat

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call for some advice.

Our Yacht Management Team will customize services to keep your boat ship shape.

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