Boat Hull Cleaning – How Often and Why Should I do it?

Prolong the Life of your Vessel by Hull Cleaning

There is nothing like coasting on the open waters, the cool ocean air spraying its salty mist, lending relief from the heat of the sun.  The Atlantic offers many on the Southeastern coast of the United States an outlet for exploration and relaxation. Make sure Hull Cleaning is at the top of your to-do list before you leave!

Whether your means of transport on the seas comprise of a jet ski or a yacht, it is essential to keep in mind the regular maintenance of your ride – be it cleaning, inspection, or insurance related.

Monthly Maintenance

One of the most important areas of your boat the hull.  Regular hull cleaning will prevent barnacles and underwater growth, prolonging the life of the boat and conserving fuel while gliding on the water more easily.  That being said, there are also environmental factors to consider; many products available to consumers contain harmful chemicals that can pollute marine life if not utilized properly. Need a Diver in Charleston or Miami? Click Here to get a quote!

The cost can vary on the size and scope of your vessel, as well as the length of time since the last hull cleaning. The cost of hull cleaning is $2 to $5 per foot on average. So, for a 30ft vessel, it will be around $90 per month for a hull cleaning.

Pressure washing the hull can be done while your boat is taken out of the water and in for regular maintenance or new bottom paint.  Cleaning the hull while it is submerged in water is the easiest and most cost effective option. Give your local diver a call and they should be able to dive the hull monthly or bi-weekly. At Swift Marine, we have the best divers on staff!

Hull Cleaning Divers in Miami, FL and Charleston, SC

Hull Cleaner

Contract Hull Diving

Many counties are putting ordinances in place requiring hull cleaners to follow best management practices in regards to in-water hull diving in order to combat marine contamination and pollution.  This results in new requirements for trainings and certifications.

Swift Marine Yacht Management offers professional services ranging from hull cleaning and diving services to zinc change.  Using a professional service will provide the peace of mind that every aspect of the hull will be considered.  Hull inspections will grant visibility into any potential flaws in the sealant, propeller, or other mechanical equipment.  Even small flaws can develop into huge problems if not handled promptly.

At the end of the day, your watercraft is a significant investment.  With the right amount of tender love and care (and regular cleaning and maintenance services), you can make the most out of your journeys together.  Our experts at Swift Marine make it easy to maintain your hull with dockside service and a commitment to quality.  Schedule your hull cleaning today!

Boats cant sail without hull cleaning in Miami, FL, and Charleston, SC


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