Coconut Grove Yacht Services

3400 Pan American Dr, Miami, Fl 33133

Swift Marine Yacht Management offers yacht management services in Coconut Grove, FL. Our elite yacht maintenance team can handle every aspect of repair and maintenance on your boat or yacht.

We offer boat detailing in Coconut Grove, yacht management, bottom painting services, diving services, marine diesel engine repair, and complete yacht refits and updates.

Primary marinas we work out of in Coconut Grove - Dinner Key Marina, Grove Key Marina, Prime Marina, Grove Isle Marina, Cocoplum Yacht Club, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Rickenbacker Marina, Crandon Park Marina

Boat Detailing in Coconut Grove, FL

With over 12 detailers, and 3 different locations in South Florida, we can handle any size boat or yacht. Coconut Grove is full of beautiful yachts, and there is one thing that is absolute, each vessel should be detailed, buff & waxed, at least twice a year to uphold the value of the boat.

Boat detailing is more than just the appearance, it has more to do with making sure your gelcoat is protected from the sun. Don't believe us? Google boat gelcoat oxidation. This is what can happen if you do not buff & wax twice per year!

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Our Coconut Grove yacht detailing team is on top of it. We have the best detailers in the area, and they take pride in their work. Give us a call to make sure your boat shines like it's brand new.

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Bottom Painting in Coconut Grove

Every yacht that spends its life in the water inevitably has to come out to be checked over and repainted. Preferably, every 2 years is the optimum amount of time to haul your boat. Let us take care of the bottom painting, and we will make sure your yacht is taken care of.

Diving & Hull Cleaning in Coconut Grove, FL

If you want to avoid hopping in the water yourself and scraping the bottom of the boat, give us a call. This is a great service to keep an eye on everything under the water. Zinc anodes, thru-hulls, prop shafts & props, keels, blistering, and of course your bottom paint. Our divers will give you a monthly report of the boat.

Yacht Management in Coconut Grove, FL

Our yacht management team consists of marine engineers, our detailing team, diving team, and captains. If you are looking for an all-encompassing service to take care of every aspect of your boat, give us a call.

Charter Management

Looking to offset costs and turn a profit with your boat or yacht? Talk to us. There are around 18,000 searches every month for yacht charters in Miami, FL. You too can capitalize on this unbelievable search traffic.

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Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Coconut Grove Marine Diesel Engine Repair

Having an issue with your diesel engine? Our marine diesel engineers can help. Give us a call for an analysis and a quote for repair.

Marine Diesel Engine Repair in Miami, FL

Complete Yacht Refits in Coconut Grove, FL

Just like homes, yachts need to be updated after a certain time. Technology advances, new systems come out, or maybe you're not tied to the old bedroom furniture. We can handle the updates and a complete yacht refit.