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Our Yacht Management team can handle every aspect of maintenance and upkeep for your vessel. Boat Detailing, Diving & Hull Cleaning, Routine Engine Maintenance, Bottom Paint & Marine Painting, and Charter Management.

List of marinas we work out of primarily in Miami, FL - Miami Beach Marina, Dinner Key Marina, Sea Isle Marina, Prime Marina, Miamarina at Bayside, Hurricane Cove Marina, and many others!

If you find yourself in Miami, give us a call! We offer many different yacht management as well as maintenance services.

Boat Detailing Miami, FL

Getting a buff and wax is not just about having the best looking yacht in the marina (although this is important). Keeping tabs on your gelcoat is essential to upholding the value of your boat.

Think of the gelcoat like skin that sits in the sun all day. If you don't put sunscreen on (wax), it will oxidize and deteriorate. Especially in South Florida! We have the team to handle any boat detailing job in South Florida and Miami.

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Buff & Wax, Full Details, Gelcoat Restoration, Marine Wax & Sealants

Boat detailing is an essential maintenance task that every boat owner should take seriously. Just as important as the engines and electrical components of your boat, the gelcoat and exterior is a huge task to keep up with.

Ask our yacht brokerage team, they will tell you that a shiny boat with gelcoat that has been taken care of will sell more than a boat with less engine hours and poor gelcoat appearance, Every Time!

We offer full boat details from the waterline up to the top of the tower. Gelcoat restoration using techniques such as wet-sanding, high speed compounding & polishing, buff& wax, marine wax glaze application, ceramic coating for boats, and more!

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Boat Bottom Painting Miami, FL

Bottom Painting is an essential service for yacht owners. Every 2-3 years, it's time to pull her out of the water and put on a new coat of bottom paint.

With 4 different locations in South Florida and Charleston, we have painted hundreds of boats, and we can make the process easy for you. From 20ft boats to 150ft super yachts, we have painted every type of boat & yacht on the spectrum.

Bottom Paint Questionnaire

  1. What size vessel do you own?
  2. How long has it been since the last coat of paint?
  3. Are there multiple layers of paint?
    1. Sometimes it is a good practice to take the boat all the way down to fiberglass, inspect the hull, and apply a new epoxy barrier coat
  4. What type of paint did you use on the last coat?
    1. Many paints are not compatible with one another so this is very important.
    2. You have literally hundreds of paint options, so talk to us about what you plan to do with your boat, and where you plan to use the vessel.
  5. Do you have a diver currently? What is the current status of the bottom paint?
    1. Splotchy, has growth and barnacles, zincs need to be replaced, etc

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Diving & Hull Cleaning Miami, FL

A diver can keep an eye on everything under the waterline. The bottom paint condition, thru-hulls, props, shafts, metals, zinc anodes, and more. It pays to have a diver who knows what to look for.

Hull Scraping & Diving Services

Hull cleaning, bottom cleaning, hull scraping, hull diving, what ever you call it, it definitely needs to be done routinely. Depending on your location, marina, canal, waterway, it could have more growth than other locations.

Some of our customers boats are located in a very nutrient rich creek or marina with a lot of water movement & current. This will cause more growth. Even if your boat is in crystal clear Caribbean water, diving is still something to be done every now and then.

A diver can keep an eye on your zinc anodes, bottom paint, waterline, thru-hulls, zinc anodes, maybe your boat is leaning to one side. Potentially, your diver can save you a lot of grief and give you peace of mind while improving the performance of your boat with a hull cleaning.

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Yacht Management Miami, FL

Need a company to manage the maintenance and upkeep of the entire vessel? Having a professional visit your boat every week to take care of major and minor services can be a huge benefit.

At Swift Marine we have engineers ready to hit the docks for any yacht with complex systems that need to be cared for. Routine engine maintenance, gelcoat upkeep, boat detailing, hull cleaning, and charter management.

Our team has full yacht management contracts for over 60 boats at our 4 different locations. Over 100 diving contracts, and many boat detailing contracts. We know that living away from the boat or taking care of the maintenance is quite an undertaking, and we know what needs to be done.

Next time you are scrambling to find contractors to change the oil, dive the boat, clean the boat, just remember that we have it all in-house. Complete organization of all maintenance for you yacht and we can keep records in case you decide to sell the vessel someday!

Charter Management

Looking to turn a profit with your yacht?

We have a fleet of 20 yachts that are chartered regularly throughout the year. We can manage the process and ensure that the boat is chartered with a qualified captain & crew.

Boat Detailing Miami Buffing waxing Miami

Yacht Charter Management Fleet Services

Yacht management, or brokerage as some call it, can be exclusive to one company or many. The best solution to maximize charter revenue is to have one company manage the boat, but allow other companies to bring bookings.

We have ties to virtually every major yacht charter company in Miami, and it pays to have these connections. Any given month, our boats are chartered on average 15-30 times at varying prices.

There is a ton of potential chartering your vessel and you can certainly offset a lot of expenses. Give us a call to discuss what it takes to charter a vessel.

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Marine Diesel Engine Repair Miami FL

We handle major overhauls of most marine engine brands and types. We have specialists for the following common engines brands - MAN, Cummins, Volvo Penta, MTU, CAT, Yanmar, and more.

We have specialists who are qualified to deal with all engine makes & manufacturers, and chances are we have a connection in South Florida who can

Marine Diesel Engine Repair in Miami, FL

Marine Engine Maintenance & Repairs

If you are experiencing issues with your MAN, Cummins, Volvo, MTU, CAT or Yanmar engine, we can help.

Our marine diesel engine mechanics are certified to analyze and repair many types of marine engines. Routine engine maintenance and good practices are always the best way to prevent common engine issues such as-

  • Fuel valve issues, fuel filtration, or cooling issues
  • Transmission problems, shifting, or sputtering
  • Steering problems, low fluids or lack of response
  • Intake & fuel/air line leaking issues

If the engine is past general service & repair, an engine re-power, rebuild or overhaul may be required. A troubleshooting analysis should give us the information we need to make necessary repairs.

Major Yacht Refits

Time to switch out the upholstery on the interior, bedroom updates, or a kitchen remodel? This is not a job for your average remodeling company. Leave it to our team of specialized yacht contractors to take care of everything.

Yacht Contracting & Updates