Media Blasting

Media Blasting in Charleston, SC

Media blasting, sand blasting, soda blasting, this service has many names, yet one purpose; to strip the paint off the bottom of a vessel, and prep for new paint. Read on to see why Swift Marine is equipped to handle any and all media blasting jobs.
Years and layers upon layers of bottom paint can be extremely difficult to strip by hand. Normally, this process requires a high powered sand blaster to take significant labor out of the equation. Stripping this paint by hand would be time consuming and very inefficient.
Here at Swift Marine, we offer top-notch media blasting in Charleston, SC. Our trained professionals have the experience necessary to prep any size vessel for new bottom paint. All together, we’ve prepped and blasted well over 100 boats at all the major boatyards in Charleston.
"Swift Marine is the only company in Charleston, SC, trusted by every major boatyard. Ross Marine, Safe Harbor City Boatyard, Cooper River Boatyard, Marine Propulsion
Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page to see a few of the jobs we’ve tackled.


Prices are contingent on the condition of your boat’s hull and bottom paint. There are a wide variety of factors that go into pricing a media blasting job. Age of vessel, size and LOA of vessel, thickness of old bottom paint, type of abrasive required, amount of plastic wrap needed for tenting & containment, etc.
  • The majority of boats that we blast range in price from $50 per foot up to $80 per foot