Boat Bottom Cleaning & Hull Cleaning in Miami, FL

A diver can keep an eye on everything under the waterline. The bottom paint condition, thru-hulls, props, shafts, metals, zinc anodes, and more. It pays to have a diver who knows what to look for.

Hull Cleaning Services

Hull cleaning, bottom cleaning, hull scraping, hull diving, what ever you call it, it definitely needs to be done routinely. Depending on your location, marina, canal, waterway, it could have more growth than other locations.

Some of our customers boats are located in a very nutrient rich creek or marina with a lot of water movement & current. This will cause more growth. Even if your boat is in crystal clear Caribbean water, diving is still something to be done every now and then.

A diver can keep an eye on your zinc anodes, bottom paint, waterline, thru-hulls, zinc anodes, maybe your boat is leaning to one side. Potentially, your diver can save you a lot of grief and give you peace of mind while improving the performance of your boat with a hull cleaning.