Charter Management Services in Miami

Looking to turn a profit with your yacht? From management, to booking, and captain placement, we can manage the entire process.

We have a fleet of 20 yachts that are chartered regularly throughout the year. We can ensure that the boat is chartered with a qualified captain & crew.

Boat Detailing in Fort Lauderdale

Yacht Charter & Fleet Management Services

Yacht management, or brokerage as some call it, can be exclusive to one company or many. The best solution to maximize charter revenue is to have one company manage the boat, but allow other companies to bring bookings.

We have ties to virtually every major yacht charter company in Miami, and it pays to have these connections. Any given month, our boats are chartered on average 15-30 times at varying prices.

There is a ton of potential chartering your vessel and you can certainly offset a lot of expenses. Give us a call to discuss what it takes to charter a vessel.