Gelcoat Repair & Fiberglass Repair Miami

Knock the dock, scuff the hull, can't get those deep scratches out of the boat? Or perhaps the damage is to a greater extent. Our team can repair any fiberglass damage and spray gelcoat so that you could not even tell where the damage was.

Boat Detailing in Fort Lauderdale

Fiberglass Repair & Gelcoat Restoration

Gelcoat repairs are a delicate art. Normally requires a phone call to the boat manufacture, or boat builder to get the right gelcoat. Each gelcoat is different in thickness and color, and it is important to get this information from the start to completely repair the area.

If the manufacturer is not reachable, gelcoat color matching is an option and still makes for a genuinely invisible repair. Our team members are ABYC certified and have repaired major damage, and slight scratches.

Give us a call and send us a picture of the damage!