Professional Boat Detailing in Miami, FL

Getting a buff and wax is not just about having the best looking yacht in the marina (although this is important). Keeping up with your gelcoat is essential to upholding the value of your boat.

Think of the gelcoat like skin that sits in the sun all day. If you don’t put sunscreen on (wax), it will oxidize and deteriorate. Especially in South Florida! Even if your gelcoat has already oxidized, we have the team to handle any boat detailing job in South Florida and Miami.

Complete Gelcoat Restoration | Buff and Wax for Boats & Yachts in Miami, FL

Even if your boat or yacht is already oxidized, we can bring it back to the original shine with our expert boat detailing services. Our team are experts at restoring gelcoat and maintaining gelcoat or painted surfaces.

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Boat Washdowns, Monthly Detailing, and Yacht Maintenance in Miami

We offer complete yacht management services including monthly yacht washdowns, boat detailing, and boat bottom cleaning.
Having a team of detailers keep an eye on the appearance of your yacht on a monthly basis can keep your boat in the best shape possible. Gelcoat has to be washed on a monthly basis, and waxed at least 3 times per year for the best protection!

Buff & Wax, Full Details, Gelcoat Restoration, Marine Wax & Sealants

Boat detailing is an essential maintenance task that every boat owner should take seriously. Just as important as the engines and electrical components of your boat, the gelcoat and exterior is a huge task to keep up with.

Ask our yacht brokerage team, they will tell you that a shiny boat with gelcoat that has been taken care of will sell for more than a boat with less engine hours and poor gelcoat appearance EVERY TIME!

We offer full boat details from the waterline up to the top of the tower. Gelcoat restoration using techniques such as wet-sanding, high speed compounding & polishing, buff and wax, marine wax glaze, ceramic coating for boats, and more!