Complete Yacht Refits in Miami

Time to switch out the old systems on your yacht and replace them with updated systems. Remodeling your yacht can vastly increase or retain the value. If your vessel is chartered frequently, you should pay special attention to the amenities and make sure they are modern so your boat charters more often.

This is not a job for your average remodeling company. Leave it to our team of specialized yacht contractors to take care of everything.

Boat Detailing in Fort Lauderdale

Boat Repair, Yacht Maintenance, and Complete Refits

When you choose to complete a marine refit or yacht refit, you will want to choose the right boatyard in Miami and company for the job. We recommend a few different boatyards in Miami, just give us a call to get more info.

We offer free estimation to an extent up to troubleshooting. This means, we will give you an estimate for any new system or replacement that you need, but at the point we are crawling around in the engine room determining where the leak is coming from, this is considered troubleshooting.

Many older systems in yachts require custom work to install or integrate new systems. For example, switching out heads seems like an easy task, but often times a new base, fittings, hoses, and other components may not be compatible with the new heads.

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