Yacht Charter Management

Regardless of the type of vessel you own, there is a place in the charter world for all types of boats!
Swift Marine offers yacht charter management in Charleston, SC, for sailing vessels, motor yachts, sport fishing vessels, speedboats, high-end luxury cruisers, center consoles, bay-boats; if you are serious about chartering your vessel, we can make it happen! Trust me, on a hot sunny day in July, tourists will get out on the water any way they can.
How does it work?

After careful review of your vessel, we determine the charter fleet to place her in, and draw up a plan for the following items-

  • Charter schedule- This is the schedule that we rely on to keep an accurate calendar filled up! This is also the calendar you will use to request time on your boat to enjoy for yourself.
  • Captain Assignment- Choose from a list of our highly experienced 100-ton Master Captains to run your boat. You can also place your boat in a bare boat charter fleet, meaning no captain involved.
  • Photos- Videos, high-definition photography, and all-encompassing details about your vessel must be recorded to effectively market.
  • Yacht Management Services- Including post-charter cleaning, detailing, engine maintenance, and monthly yacht services to keep your vessel ship shape. Depending on the size and scope of your vessel, a management schedule will be customized to the needs of your boat.
Many of our customers choose our company to manage all charters and any maintenance, however, it does not have to go hand in hand. Of course, you can use our company strictly for charter management, and complete your own monthly maintenance. We know the best mediums to list your boat to ensure she is chartered year-round. 
Will I have time to enjoy my boat?
Of course! This is where the Charter Schedule comes in. Unless you’re in it solely for the money, you can charter your boat as much or as little as you want!
Many of our customers charter their boats to offset some of the costs of ownership. Slip fees, boat payments, and monthly maintenance can add up. Most boat owners are not on their boat 365 days a year, and chartering can be a viable option for them to own a boat.
What does it cost?

For general charter management we charge a 30% fee of the total charter amount. This includes the following-

  • Marketing & listing on different mediums
  • Experienced 100-ton captain to run the charter
  • Washdown & interior cleaning after every charter
  • Preset charter rate customized for your boat
What else should I know?
A few things we look for in a prime charter vessel- it is crucial for your boat to be in tip top shape before each cruise. Engine, interior, exterior, seating, glass, rigging, etc. If you have an older vessel with engine or electrical problems, chartering may not be the best fit!
We look for boats that have been meticulously maintained. Older or newer, if your boat is solid with no engine or electrical troubles, let’s talk about getting her on the schedule!