Our leading yacht maintenance team will customize maintenance services centered on the needs of your vessel. Yachts are an investment and a huge part of your life. In order to protect your investment, preventative maintenance has to be done monthly in order to uphold the value!

From the fiberglass to the electrical and mechanical systems onboard, it is essential to take every precaution. Not every boat owner can be on their boat every day, although they’d like to, this is where we come in! Our team will maintain every aspect of your boat on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Regardless of the size and scope of your yacht- from sailing vessels, motor yachts, sport fishers, speedboats, and high-end luxury vessels, we customize yacht services to any and all vessels. Swift Marine’s maintenance crew is highly experienced, each manager with over 15 years of experience in the maintenance and care of yachts. Every vessel has a recommended schedule for the systems, engine, gelcoat, rigging, and hull. We follow these recommendations precisely and adhere to our clients recommendations.




Hull cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your boat.  Excessive build-up on your hull will result in the breakdown of your bottom paint, reduce performance of your boat, and cause corrosion or blisters that will reduce the value of your vessel. Our divers use the least abrasive materials required to clean the entire hull, prop, driveshaft, intakes, through-hulls, stabilizers, keel, and rudder to ensure your paint lasts as long as possible.

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It is wise to have your boat detailed twice a year so oxidation does not build up! Having your boat buffed and waxed can be the best thing you can do to preserve the value.

UV rays will beat up your boat’s gel coat unless you have a proper ceramic protectant on the outer layer!Remember that boats need a good wash every month so that grime and dirt does not build up on the outer gel coat!

Give us a call to have your boat buffed, waxed, washed, polished, and protected to offer maximum protection from the weather! Salt water is especially harmful to boats, especially when they are not maintained and washed monthly!



Is your boat starting to show signs that she needs a new coat of bottom paint?

You may notice that growth accumulates faster on the underside- your diver may notice that the gray barrier or primer coat is starting to show in patchy spots beyond the outer antifouling paint. In most cases, after around 2 years, it is time to bring her in to the boatyard for a fresh coat of bottom paint.

Boat bottom painting is a critical factor when maintaining a yacht long term. Neglecting to repaint the bottom of your boat can cause damage to the hull, including blisters, de-lamination, decreased performance, and damage to your props, shafts, through-hulls and intakes.

At Swift Marine, we have prepped and painted 100’s of yachts in the Charleston area, and we are more than ready to take on the job. The process varies for different boats, depending on age, size, and thickness of older paint coats. For most of the yachts in Charleston, we do the following prep and process for bottom paint-

– Create a waterline if needed

– Remove wax or sealants, if the boat contains gelcoat under waterline

– Strip older paints (This may mean Media Blasting if the old paint is too thick to strip by hand- See Below)

– Inspect for blemishes, blisters, or fiberglass inconsistencies

– Repair blemishes

– Sand to help adherence of barrier coat

– Remove any dust or old bottom paint with a wash down

– Barrier Coat Application (Primer)

– Bottom Paint Application


Hull media blasting may be necessary if the bottom paint is too thick, or will not come off by hand. If needed, this will be the first step to repairing or repainting your boat.

At Swift Marine, we use abrasive media to blast off excess layers of paint and debris off your boat’s underside without making a mess. By creating a tent to collect the blasting materials, we protect the surrounding boats, marina, and waterway.

Traditional paint stripping methods can be dangerous, not to mention a lot of work. Sit back and relax, with Swift Marine, your hull is in good hands. Contact us today for your FREE quote.

  • – Prices range from $50 per foot up to $80 per foot

These prices are an estimate based on the condition of your boat. Prices are contingent on the scope and condition of your fiberglass, oxidation level, and size of yacht or vessel. Oxidation level depends on how much buffing and compound is used to get a gleamy shine back to your boat. Wax is applied after compounding. A wise boat owner makes sure wax is applied to their vessel every 3-4 months to ensure they protect their fiberglass. The sun is harsh in the south and can oxidize a boat very quickly. Boats above 30’ are vertically much larger, meaning more fiberglass and more surface area!