Our leading yacht maintenance team customizes Charleston maintenance services centered on the needs of your vessel. In order to uphold the value of your sailing vessel or motor yacht, preventative maintenance has to be completed monthly. From the waterline up to the tip of the mast; we will ensure that every aspect of your vessel is cared for.

Scroll down to see our full list of services which includes Charleston boat detailing, diving and hull cleaning, marine painting and bottom paint, media blasting, and boating cleaning in Charleston, SC.

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Hull cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your boat.  Excessive build-up on your hull will result in the breakdown of your bottom paint, reduce performance of your boat, and cause corrosion or blisters that will reduce the value of your vessel. Our divers use the least abrasive materials required to clean the entire hull, prop, driveshaft, intakes, through-hulls, stabilizers, keel, and rudder to ensure your paint lasts as long as possible.

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It is wise to have your boat detailed twice a year so oxidation does not build up! Having your boat buffed and waxed can be the best thing you can do to preserve the value.

UV rays will deteriorate your boat’s gel coat unless you have a proper wax, sealant, or protectant on the outer layer! Remember that boats need a good wash every month so that grime and dirt does not build up on the outer gel coat!

Give us a call to have your boat buffed, waxed, washed, and polished to offer maximum protection from the weather!

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Is your boat starting to show signs that she needs a new coat of bottom paint? Perhaps the hull or topside looks dull or patchy?

You may notice that growth accumulates faster on the underside- your diver may notice that the gray barrier or primer coat is starting to show in patchy spots beyond the outer antifouling paint. In most cases, after around 2 years, it is time to bring her in to the boatyard for a fresh coat of bottom paint.

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Hull media blasting may be necessary to remove old bottom paint if the paint is too thick, or will not come off by hand. If needed, this will be the first step to repainting the bottom of your boat. Using a trusted company with experience with sand blasting is paramount to ensure a clean finish.

At Swift Marine, we use abrasive media to blast off excess layers of paint and debris off your boat’s underside without making a mess. By creating a tent to collect the blasting materials, we protect the surrounding boats, marina, and waterway.

Traditional paint stripping methods can be dangerous, not to mention a lot of work. Media Blasting can take a huge amount of time and labor out of the job. Sit back, relax, and let Swift Marine prep your vessel for new bottom paint.

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