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Everyone wants the best looking boat at the dock. We can make your boat or yacht look like it just came out of the factory. However, it’s not just about aesthetics. Boat detailing and yacht detailing is a matter of retaining the value of your boat. A good buff and wax 3 times per year can retain your gelcoat for longer and prevent oxidation. Products like Ceramic Coating for boats, and high quality wax sealants can do a great job of protecting your boat from harmful UV rays.

Our employees have been boat detailing in Charleston, SC for over 10 years, so leave it to the pros to buff, polish, wax, and protect your boat.

In Charleston, the UV rays are strong during the summer. You have to ensure that a high quality wax has been applied to the gelcoat once every 3 months for the best protection. If you fail to do this, oxidation will occur and your gelcoat will fade and change colors. Oddly enough, boat manufacturers have not strayed from gelcoat for over 50 years, and it doesn’t look like they will switch anytime soon!

Our Wax Glaze, Ceramic Coatings, Wax, Sealants, and Polishing products will make your boat look like it just came out of the factory and offer incredible protection. We are not done until you can see your reflection all over the gelcoat. Our team is capable to take on any size boat or yacht.

Boat Detailing Charleston | Yacht Detailing Charleston

We’ve dealt with every size boat imaginable from 150ft super yachts to 18ft center consoles. Gelcoat restoration and maintenance is our specialty. We have 5 full time detailers in the Charleston area. They are masters of their craft, and they can bring your boat back to life.

From the Cooper River to Charleston Harbor, downtown Charleston, West Ashley and Mount Pleasant, we have been to every marina in Charleston dozens of times. We offer mobile boat detailing, however, we do have a shop in Mount Pleasant if you want to leave the boat with us for a few days. Give us a call!

Traditional Buff & Wax

Buffing and Waxing your boat in Charleston is essential to maintain the value of your boat. We see it far too often – beautiful expensive boats in Charleston neglected of a good buff and wax, the owner will pay for it later!

A buff and wax on your boat goes beyond just aesthetics. It’s a matter of retaining and protecting the gelcoat on your boat. Trust me, you DO NOT want your boat to oxidize over time. It will ruin the gelcoat and the value of your boat will certainly decrease.

You have a finite amount of gelcoat on your boat, its always thicker on the hull, and thinner on the topside. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and you may be forced to repaint the gelcoat which can be tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t neglect good boat maintenance!

Wash-Downs, Full Details and Gelcoat Restoration

We provide comprehensive boat maintenance and boat detailing services in Charleston, SC.

Wash-downs should be completed once monthly and some owners prefer bi-weekly wash-downs. A wash-down is a great way for us to keep your boat clean and keep an eye on your gelcoat to ensure that wax is applied when necessary to prevent oxidation. Our boat detailing team uses high quality boat soaps containing wax to keep as much wax on your boat as possible!


Full Details entail all aspects of your boat including a buff, polish, and wax or sealant on your gelcoat, wax and cleaning all the stains from your non-skid, T-Top, Flybridge, bow, stern, cockpit area, the gunnels, hull, and the helm.

Ceramic Coating for Boats, Wax, Sealants, and Metal Polishing

After boat detailing in Charleston for many years, we have narrowed down our favorite boat waxes, ceramic coatings, sealants, and polishes.

My personal favorite is Ceramic coating for boats. Ceramic coating can best be described as liquid glass. After applying this to the gelcoat you are left with a hard see-through external layer of protection. Ceramic coating lasts much longer than wax, almost 3 times as long to be exact. Although Ceramic Coating is more expensive than traditional wax, you are doing your wallet a favor because you will not have to wax your boat as often.

Traditional waxes and metal polishes such as Collinite still work very well for marine applications. Some of our owners have been using Collinite for over 20 years and they swear by it. Traditional paste waxes such as 3m and Collinite certainly are tried and true and can provide great protection!
We have also used some sealants such as Permanon Marine Sealant which is a spray on product that creates a barrier between the gelcoat and the sun and salt. Many owners enjoy these products because they are so easy to apply!

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