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Everyone wants their boat to have a clean icy finish. When you can see your reflection in the gelcoat, your boat turns heads and it shows that you take pride in your vessel.
Not only is it about aesthetics, but keeping wax on your gelcoat can uphold the value of the vessel. Ask our brokers, they will tell you that boats that have been maintained and detailed over time sell quicker than boats with better capabilities and less engine hours!
We take exceptional care with each job. We have a team of 12 detailers in South Florida alone, 4 in Charleston Each of our detail managers has been Boat detailing in Fort Lauderdale & Miami for over 5 years.
We are professional, punctual, and we can handle any size and scope boats and jobs. There is no boat that we have not been able to handle, scratches, scuffs, oxidation, grime, mildew, you can trust our team to get the job done the right way.

Boat Buff and Wax, Marine Wax Glaze, and Sealant Products

PermanonCollinite, and Scotchguard Marine Wax, and are some of the best products we’ve found that can stand up to the South Florida sun.

The products we use are tried and true, and they provide the best protection from the sun, salt, and wildlife for your boat or yacht. We take boat detailing seriously, and we want you to have the best looking boat in Miami.

High Speed Buffing & Polishing

Boat gelcoat oxidation is never fun to deal with, it looks dull, feels chalky on your hand, and does not have the luster it used to have, but we know how to take care of it. We use Presta3m Marine Polishes & Compounds, and Farecla compound products to remove oxidation from boat hulls and the topside gelcoat.

Removing the oxidation, and keeping a glossy clean gelcoat can raise the value of your boat and really turn heads at the marina or boat ramp! Our team is trained to take care of any and all oxidation on a vessel.

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Gelcoat Restoration, Wet-Sanding, and Intensive Cleaning

Some boats who have sat under a tree for 10 years need some additional care to bring back the shine. We can handle it.

When the oxidation has reached a point where you can’t see any reflection, completely dull, the chalky gelcoat surface comes off on your hand, it’s time for a full gelcoat restoration. Heavy compounding, high speed buffing with a high torque rotary polisher, and wet-sanding is usually the best method to remove the oxidation.

Intensive cleaning is necessary to remove heavy amounts of dirt, grime, mildew, stains, and nonskid marks. Muriatic acid is the same chemical used in hull cleaners, and this is the ticket for heavy oxidation, grime, and mildew.

Full Boat Detailing & Intensive Cleaning

If you are a boat owner who strives for perfection, we offer a full detail which includes everything from the waterline up.

This includes ALL soft gelcoat surfaces, glass, isinglass, vinyl seating, interior, stainless steel, and non-skid:

  • Buffing/compounding or polishing to remove oxidation on ALL soft gelcoat surfaces
  • Wax glaze or sealant using top quality accredited products
  • Shine all stainless steel on the vessel and protectant application
  • Windows & Isinglass treatment including protectant
  • Vinyl cleaning and protectant
Ceramic Coating for Boats

South Florida is hot all year long, since the UV Rays are stronger here, Wax may not be the best method of protection for your boat. Ceramic Coatings outperform wax by up to 2 years. Wax products and silicone sealants last for only a few months before it has to be applied again.

While ceramic coating can be more expensive than traditional wax, you are applying so much less than wax. After the your application, simply wash your boat down with water and a neutral soap once a month and the protection continues for years.

We trust the brand, Glidecoat for all our Ceramic Coating use. We are certified with this product, brand loyal because of the quality and price point. Retain the value of your vessel with Ceramic Coatings!

As the water churns, the wind blows, and even after the sun goes down, salt water is inevitably going to cover the exterior of your boat. Seagulls, pelicans, ducks, and crows will land on your boat and do all kinds of terrible things to the gelcoat. The way to combat wind, weather, and wildlife is to have your boat on a regular washdown and detailing schedule. Talk to our guys at Swift Marine to get your boat on a monthly washdown schedule today!

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