As the water churns, the wind blows, and even after the sun goes down, salt water is inevitably going to cover the exterior of your boat. Seagulls, pelicans, ducks, and crows will land on your boat and do all kinds of terrible things to the gelcoat. The way to combat wind, weather, and wildlife is to have your boat on a regular washdown and detailing schedule. Talk to our guys at Swift Marine to get your boat on a monthly washdown schedule today!

Boat Waxing, Sealants, and Protectants

We only use top branded waxes and sealants that are proven to last the longest and offer resilient protection. Permanon, Collinite, McGuiar’s, and 3m brands are all very reputable and offer long lasting protection from salt, weather, and UV rays.

High Speed Buffing & Polishing

If your boat has been exposed to the elements without proper protection from a wax or sealant from UV rays, she will become oxidized! Instead of a smooth soft gelcoat feeling, you may notice a chalky feel that comes off when you rub your hand on it.

Depending on the length of time, age of the gelcoat, and time the boat has been exposed to UV without wax, we will be able to assess what is needed, the price, and length of time it will take.

Gelcoat Restoration, Oxidation Removal, and Full Detail

If you are a boat owner who strives for perfection, we offer a full detail which includes everything from the waterline up.

This includes ALL soft gelcoat surfaces, glass, isinglass, vinyl seating, interior, stainless steel, and non-skid:

  • Buffing/compounding or polishing to remove oxidation on ALL soft gelcoat surfaces
  • Wax or sealant using top quality accredited products
  • Shine all stainless steel on the vessel and protectant application
  • Windows & Isinglass treatment including protectant
  • Vinyl cleaning and protectant

Ceramic Coatings for Boats

Ceramic coatings are a revolutionary product gelcoat protectant product that allow for exceptional protection for up to 3 years. 

There are many companies and brands advertising for ceramic coatings. Over the years we have found that one company stands out above the rest in reliability, Glidecoat. Using a ceramic coating as opposed to traditional waxes and sealants can retain the value of your boat above any other product.

Boat Detailing Gallery

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!