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Fort Lauderdale Boat Detailing – Do I need it?

Keeping your boat or yacht detailed and waxed in Fort Lauderdale is extremely important. Boat detailing, especially in Fort Lauderdale, buff and wax, gelcoat restoration, and routine gelcoat maintenance are essential services to uphold the value of your vessel and prevent oxidation. It is not just about having the best looking boat at the marina (although this is important).

Ask any yacht broker, they will tell you that yachts sell much easier when the gelcoat is perfect as opposed to dull and oxidized with defects. Even boats with superior engines and less hours do not sell easily when the gelcoat is in poor condition.

Complete Buff and Wax | Full Boat and Yacht Detailing Services in Fort Lauderdale

We use only the highest quality detailing products on the market. It is vital to use a company that is familiar with all types of yacht surfaces including gelcoat, awlgrip, awl craft, Alexseal, Vinyl, and other painted surfaces. We use tried and true brands such as Presta3m Marine Polishes & Compounds, and Farecla compound products to remove oxidation from boat and yacht hulls for an amazing shiny finish.

Keeping a glossy clean boat can raise and retain the value of your boat and really turn heads at the marina or boat ramp! Our team is trained to take care of any and all oxidation on any size vessel.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Detailing
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Gelcoat Restoration, Wet-Sanding, and Intensive Cleaning

Some boats have been sitting under a tree for 10 years and may need some additional care to bring back that factory shine, but we can do it.

When the boat’s surface becomes so faded that you can’t see your reflection and leaves a powdery residue on your hand, it’s time for a complete/full boat detail. The best way to rejuvenate the surface is by using a strong buffing tool and wet-sanding techniques.

Thorough cleaning is vital to get rid of all the stubborn dirt, muck, mold spots, and tough stains. The chemical found in hull cleaners, often called muriatic acid (on & off), is the go-to solution for tough boat messes, especially in Fort Lauderdale where yacht and boat detailing is essential.

Full Boat Detailing & Intensive Cleaning

Ready for a full boat detail and intensive boat cleaning to make your boat or yacht look brand new?

This includes ALL yacht surfaces, glass, isinglass, vinyl seating, interior, stainless steel, and non-skid:

  • Buff, Wetsand, Polish, and compounding to remove all oxidation from the boat or yachts surface.
  • Wax glaze or sealant using top quality products
    • OR we can use Ceramic Coating!
  • Shine all stainless steel and protect
  • Clean and protect all Windows & Isinglass
  • Boat Cushion Seats and Vinyl Upholstery cleaning and protecting
Ceramic Coating for Boats

Living in sunny South Florida/Fort Lauderdale? With the intense UV rays, your boat might need more than just wax for protection. While wax can be good, it doesn’t last long here. On the other hand, Ceramic Coatings shine for up to 2 years, way longer than regular wax or silicone sealants which fade in just months.

Yes, ceramic coatings might cost a bit more initially, but think about it: you use it far less frequently than wax. After coating, a simple rinse with water and some mild soap once a month keeps your boat looking brand new for years.

When it comes to Ceramic Coatings, we’re all about Glidecoat. We’re certified to use it, and we stick to it for its unmatched quality and affordability. Boost your boat’s worth and beauty with Ceramic Coatings in Fort Lauderdale!

We trust Glidecoat Ceramic Coatings for all our boats. We use this product because of we always get good results with it and our customers love it!


Living in South Florida, your boat faces sun, sea, and even those pesky birds! With saltwater splashes and uninvited feathered friends, your boat’s exterior can take a beating. Birds might love your boat, but they can be tough on its finish. The solution? Regular boat detailing in Fort Lauderdale! To keep your vessel in tip-top shape, consider a consistent washdown and detailing routine. Reach out to our team at Swift Marine and let’s set up a monthly washdown plan for your boat now!

Swift Marine Yacht Management is the top Fort Lauderdale yacht detailing, boat detailing, and yacht cleaning services provider. We handle every aspect of yacht detailing and maintenance in Broward County and Fort Lauderdale.
We currently have over 200 exclusive yacht detailing contracts in Fort Lauderdale. Our comprehensive yacht cleaning and detailing services are the best way to maintain yachts of any size.
Our expert boat detailing team will ensure that your boat or yacht is professionally cared for and detailed in full on a regular schedule. Your boat or yacht is expensive, put your maintenance budget to good use by having your boat or yacht detailed 2-3 times per year.
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