Boat & Yacht Maintenance Services

Boat Detailing

A boat or a boat with a motor on a trailer with wheels for transportation by car with a trailer.

Buff & Wax, Polishing, Wax Glaze, Full Details, Gelcoat Restoration, Boat Cleaning

Preserve the Value of your boat!

Is the gelcoat on your boat starting to look faded or feel chalky? Having your boat buffed and waxed can be the best thing you can do to preserve the value.

Give us a call to have your boat buffed, waxed, washed, and polished to offer maximum protection from the weather!

Ask about our Ceramic Coating for Boats!

Hull Cleaning

Hull Scraping, Prop Repair, Zinc Replacement, Diving

What’s going on underneath the hull? Our divers will maintain your boat below the waterline, and give you a monthly report. Whether you need hull cleaning & scraping, or need to change zincs, repair your prop, or check a thru-hull or intake, we can handle it!
Hull cleaning is an essential part of boat maintenance. Excessive build-up on your hull will result in the breakdown of your bottom paint, reduce performance of your boat, and cause corrosion or blisters that will reduce the value of your vessel.

Bottom Paint & Marine Painting

Boat Bottom Painting, Antifouling Paint, Barrier Coat, Sanding & Prep

Time for a fresh coat of Antifouling paint!

Is your boat starting to show signs that she needs a new coat of bottom paint?

You may notice that growth accumulates faster on the underside- your diver may notice that the gray barrier or primer coat is starting to show in patchy spots beyond the outer antifouling paint. In most cases, after around 2 years, it is time to bring her in to the boatyard for a fresh coat of bottom paint.

Click the link below to learn more about our bottom painting services.

Media Blasting & Sand Blasting

Prepping for Bottom Paint

Hull media blasting may be necessary to remove old bottom paint if the paint is too thick, or will not come off by hand. If needed, this will be the first step to repainting the bottom of your boat. Using a trusted company with experience with sand blasting is paramount to ensure a clean finish.
Sit back, relax, and let Swift Marine prep your vessel for new bottom paint.

Yacht Management

Monthly Yacht Maintenance Services

Let our team take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your vessel so you can spend more time on the water with a rum and coke. Give us a call to get on our maintenance schedule! From the waterline up to the tip of the mast, we will ensure that every aspect of your vessel is cared for.
Click below to view all of our Yacht Management Services; Boat Detailing, Engine Maintenance, System Checks, Captain Services, and Hurricane Preparation.

Charter Management

Offset the cost of owning your vessel by chartering your vessel

Boat brokerage and charter management is extremely important to ensure that your boat is profitable. Talk to us about an exclusive management contract for your yacht.
With over 18,000 searches every month for yacht charters in Miami, make sure you pick a company that is funneling that traffic to their website. Visit our Charter Company Website to see more-