There are so many Benefits of Chartering your Boat

Enjoying Your Boat

There are many benefits of chartering your boat or yacht that opens a world of opportunities for you, your family, and friends. Besides sharing your vessel between your familiars, consider chartering to consumers using a qualified company like Swift Marine. There are many costs involved with owning a vessel. Boat payments, slip fees, detailing fees, year-round maintenance, engine checks, insurance, just to name a few! The main benefits of chartering your boat for most people is alleviating the cost of ownership.

Monthly Maintenance

Building a relationship with a charter company like Swift Marine can be a great way to make your investment pay for itself. You can offset the costly expenses of maintenance & upkeep, insurance, and dockage. Earn revenue through consumer rentals, all the while still utilizing your vessel when you want it. If you decide to charter full time, you can nearly double the value of your vessel in just five years!

The cost of hull cleaning can vary on the size and scope of your vessel, as well as the length of time since the last hull cleaning. If your boat has been reasonably taken care of, it should be around $3 per foot monthly. So, for a 30ft vessel, it will be around $90 per month for a hull cleaning.

Pressure washing the hull can be done while your boat is taken out of the water and in for regular maintenance or new bottom paint.  Cleaning the hull while it is submerged in water is a much easier option. Just give your local diver a call and they should be able to get it done monthly or bi-weekly. At Swift Marine, we have the best divers on staff for hull cleaning!

Contract Hull Diving

Yacht chartering is continuing to evolve, especially in the North American market. Year over year, bookings are growing at rapid pace as chartering becomes more popular with younger clientele. Millennials in particular are looking for more unique and adventurous ways to spend special events, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties. As there is a limit to the number of charters available, bookings may be reserved for in-demand seasons many months in advance, sometimes up to six or seven months ahead of time. The earlier someone books your yacht, the more time they have to organize the finer details. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of chartering your boat!

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