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Regular maintenance is the best way to retain the value of your boat or yacht.

That means, you need to have your boat buffed and waxed twice a year, washed once a month, have a diver clean the bottom once a month if your boat sits in the water, and have an engine tech change the oil and provide regular marine engine maintenance services.

Complete Boat & Yacht Repair Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Swift Marine Yacht Management & Boat Repair is your one stop shop for all boat and yacht maintenance and repair services.

We offer all marine maintenance services, and we are specialists at our trade.

We provide: 

  • Boat and yacht detailing services
  • Marine engine and outboard engine maintenance
  • Boat fiberglass and gelcoat repairs
  • Underwater boat hull cleaning and diving services
  • Teak deck restoration
  • Boat Cushion Repair and Fabrication
  • Marine generator service
  • Gelcoat restoration
  • Bottom painting services
  • Marine painting, hull and topside

Boat detailing goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a crucial investment in preserving the integrity of your vessel’s delicate painted or gelcoat finish.

Regular detailing safeguards against degradation caused by exposure to the elements. It’s about maintaining the best looking aspects to preserve the value of your boat or yacht.

Neglecting detailing can lead to costly repairs or the need for complete repainting, whereas regular waxing and upkeep not only enhance the beauty but also extend the lifespan of your boat’s surface, saving you both time and money in the long run.

The secret is this: If your boat is newer and free of oxidation, KEEP IT WAXED (Wax the boat 2-3 times a month, and wash once a month with a wash & wax soap!) If your boat is older and has oxidation, have us come out and buff out the oxidation and then we can wax the boat for you.

Don’t know what boat oxidation looks like? Click Here

Regular boat and yacht maintenance is the cornerstone of keeping your marine engine and boat in peak condition. Scheduling routine engine checks, including running the engines monthly and inspecting fluids and filters, is vital for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

At Swift Marine Yacht Management, we understand that consistent upkeep is key to preserving your vessel’s value and reliability. Beyond engine care, comprehensive boat maintenance involves meticulous attention to every aspect, from the hull’s pristine finish to the cleanliness of onboard amenities. By entrusting these tasks to professionals like us, you ensure that your yacht receives the expertise and dedication necessary to keep it running smoothly and looking its best, trip after trip.

Marine engine repair, gelcoat repair, detailing & teak restoration, maintenance & upkeep, diving & hull cleaning, and boat deliveries. We do not hire ‘jacks of all trade’, we hire specialists.

Swift Marine Yacht Management is your one stop shop for all yacht maintenance services. We provide marine engine repair, marine generator service, boat detailing, buffing & waxing, diving & hull cleaning, fiberglass repair, marine generator repair, gelcoat restoration, bottom painting, marine painting, complete refits, and captain services.