Boat Cleaning Tips for a High Gloss Shine and Finish

Boat Detailing for a High Gloss

Take boat cleaning to a whole new level by using wax, sealants, buffing and compounding products to produce a high gloss finish. Here are some tips on how to maintain the gelcoat on your boat. Don’t let the sun, salt, and wildlife deteriorate your boat’s gelcoat!

The #1 Way to Protect Your Yacht’s Gelcoat

buff and wax or detail is by far the best way to bring out the shine in your gelcoat and maintain it over the years. If you buff out the oxidation, you only need to apply wax every 3-5 months to keep your boat protected from UV rays, salt, and birds.

If you apply a high quality wax to your boat every 3-5 months and wash her down every month with a light wash/wax, your boat’s gelcoat will maintain a high gloss finish and shine for years to come.

The gelcoat becomes oxidized if you neglect to wax the boat every 3-5 months. If your boat is oxidized, you may notice a dull appearance or a chalky residue comes off when you rub your hand on the gelcoat. This means that it will have to be buffed and maybe even wetsanded! Buffing is not an easy process and you should leave it to the professionals if you have never used an electric buffer.

Buffing is done with an electric buffer and a compound or polishing material. Wet sanding is also an option, but I prefer buffing to wet sanding any day. Wet sanding can leave permanent scratch marks on your boat if done improperly.

Your boat or yacht is an investment, and it is essential to protect your investment! You must wax the hull often, and wash down the hull monthly. Buffing and or waxing your boat is a very time consuming process and requires a buffer to get the job done. At Swift Marine we have a team of trained professionals who have years of experience buffing, waxing, and managing yachts.

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