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Miami Yacht Management & Boat Detailing Services

Our Yacht Management team can handle every aspect of maintenance and upkeep for your vessel in Miami, FL. We offer many different yacht management as well as maintenance services including Boat Detailing, Diving & Hull Cleaning, Routine Engine Maintenance, Bottom Paint & Marine Painting, and Charter Management.
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Complete Yacht Management & Yacht Repair Services in Miami, FL

Need a company to manage the maintenance and upkeep of the entire vessel? Having a professional visit your boat every week to take care of major and minor services can be a huge benefit.
At Swift Marine we have engineers ready to hit the docks for any yacht with complex systems that need to be cared for. Routine engine maintenance, gelcoat upkeep, boat detailing, hull cleaning, and charter management.
Our team has full yacht management contracts for over 60 boats at our 4 different locations. Over 100 diving contracts, and many boat detailing contracts. We know that living away from the boat or taking care of the maintenance is quite an undertaking, and we know what needs to be done.
Next time you are scrambling to find contractors to change the oil, dive the boat, clean the boat, just remember that we have it all in-house. Complete organization of all maintenance for you yacht and we can keep records in case you decide to sell the vessel someday!
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