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In the vibrant marine environment of West Palm Beach, Florida, where the sun shines intensely, protecting your boat or yacht against the harsh UV rays is extremely important. This is where our top-tier boat detailing services comes in such as our buff and wax services, boat polishing, boat cleaning and washing services.

Regular yacht maintenance, including three details per year, and monthly washes, is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity to maintain your vessel’s delicate surface, painted surface, gelcoat, value of the yacht and aesthetic appeal.

Boat detailing in West Palm Beach goes beyond just having the best looking yacht at the marina (although this is important). It’s about preserving your investment. When a prospective buyer evaluates a yacht, a very important factor will be “Has the vessel been taken care of? Will I have to repaint this thing in 2 years because the previous owner failed to wax the boat consistently?” A well-maintained exterior with a sparkling gelcoat and rust-free metals speaks volumes. Our services ensure that your yacht or boat – whether it’s a majestic 150ft super yacht or a versatile 20ft center console – stands out for all the right reasons.

Ceramic Coatings vs Traditional Wax

Another option is ceramic coatings for boats. Ceramic coatings are a bit more expensive than a traditional buff & wax, but they last almost 10 times as long as wax! If you ask me, it is worth the money. Ceramic coatings offer more protection and longer lasting protection than a traditional wax.

Full Boat Detailing in West Palm Beach, Buff & Wax, Polishing, Sealants - Superior Boat & Yacht Protection

Boat Detailing is our primary service in West Palm Beach. We do offer an array of other services in South Florida, but many of our detailers work in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale primarily.

Everything from gelcoat restoration, buff & wax, polish & protection using marine wax, glaze, and sealants. Our team is highly experienced in detailing yachts 40ft up to 150ft. We have the equipment, tools and man power to get the job done right.